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About the Dogfatherdevon

We are Helen and Carl Donald and welcome to the Dogfatherdevon.

Helen - After 18 years as a house wife or working in retail I decided it was time to do something that I enjoyed. After combining my lifelong love of dogs and my passion for walking and the outdoors, the Dogfatherdevon was born after completing a Professional Dog Walking Diploma covering Anatomy, Form and Function, Body Language, Law, First Aid and Aggression.

Carl - After 29 Years in the Royal Navy as a Submariner I decided to leave the Navy and join Helen in our passion for dogs and the outdoors. Qualified with a Dog walking certificated, Behaviour and Training practical certificate and a Level 4 Diploma in Canine Aggression whilst also studying Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour.


We live in Plympton with our dogs Billy, Amy and Clive . All enjoy joining us on some of the walks and enjoy making new friends with other dogs. Both Carl and I have always owned and cared for dogs all our lives and of all sizes from Poodles to German Shepherds.

The Dogfatherdevon is fully insured in respect of public liability, so please you can be rest assured that your dog is in good hands. We encourage all clients to join us on a walk to see what we do and how we do it - we only use Force Free (members of the Pet Professional Guild) methods during walks and train all the dogs we walk to recall on a whistle.

We understand just how important your dog is and our aim is to provide you with the best possible service. We appreciate that entrusting us with the care of your dog is an important and difficult decision and therefore a free initial consultation where you and your dog get an opportunity to meet with us if desired.

During this consultation we can discuss any specific requirements or special needs that your dog may have, take detailed notes about your dog's habits, food regime, exercise routine and medical history.

We will ask you to provide veterinarian details and contact information including an emergency contact details, as well as a valid certificate to show that your dog is currently vaccinated.

Please note that none of the Dogfatherdevon services are set in stone and if you have any specific or unusual request we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your (and your dog's) needs.

Helen and Carl

The Dogfatherdevon



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