Behaviour and Training

We all love our dogs and admitting they aren't good in some areas can be difficult to admit. Looking for training and behaviour advice can be a daunting prospect, there is so much unregulated information available from your sofa it is easy to come across many conflicting programmes and methods.

At TheDogfatherDevon we only believe in Positive Reinforcement. You can teach any behaviour that you want the dog to do and change behaviour that you don’t want. You do not have to punish the dog in order to make a behaviour “not rewarding.” You just need to know how to make the right behaviour rewarding enough that the dog will choose to do that behaviour instead of an inappropriate one. You accomplish this by rewarding the behaviours you want and ignoring or preventing those you don’t want.

Does your dog do any of the following that you wish to correct?

•Is your dog jumping up, chewing, biting and grabbing everything?

•Fearful of other people and/or dogs?

•Does your dog pull on the lead?


•Do you need help with house training?

•Frightened by sudden or loud noises?

•jump up?

•run in the opposite direction when you call him/her?

•bark so much that they are disturbing your neighbours?

•suffer from separation anxiety?

•react to other dogs or people?

•guard his food, toys, objects or space against you or other animals?

If you wish to know more about the services we provide then please contact us to discuss your needs.

Sometimes a dog behaviour problem is a result of medical issues, which is why we may request a vet referral if we feel it is necessary.